About Us

There’s no doubt that there is no shortage of vehicle reviews throughout the various media available to consumers. These review outlets are staffed by automotive enthusiasts of all levels of experience and opinions.  You can learn everything you need about a new car entering the market. This is a great source of information. However, there is a shortage of real world reviews from actual consumers about their experiences living with a particular vehicle. To fill this gap we’ve started OurDailyTread.com.


We are here to provide and utilize all peer to peer common experiences about our daily drivers. We want to provide you with information and share experience that reveal some of the hidden pros and cons you only find from actual daily use of a particular vehicle.  These are the bits of important information you won’t find with a cleverly written summary review from most enthusiasts.

So stay tuned as we grow this site from your experiences.  We will pull information from various sources around the web.  We will even add our own reviews boosted with some content and actual user experiences from around the web. We’ve found that you the actual user is the REAL EXPERT.

So look around and enjoy yourself. We will grow but can use your help in making this site useful for you and others who might consider buying a car, but wonder about actually daily use of the car.

So as we like to say…”give us this day, our daily tread…”  Yes we really do rely on our transportation.