First of all, you should know that I love this car.

After a bout with mediocrity in the recent past concerning quality and somewhat in design, Mercedes Benz has upped their game in both areas lately. They have evolved from the squared and angular design queues of the mid-2000s to a more organic and smoother look. I have to admit as well that I was not (and still am not) a big fan of the recently designed SL. I see the similarities to it in the new S-Class as well which also is rather okay on the outside. But I had desperate hopes that Stuttgart would make the next CL something special. They did.

We’re being told that this new Concept S-Class Coupé is very similar to what we should expect from the new Concept S-Class Coupé.

One other thing is it seems MB is pushing the technology envelope again with the luxuries of the new S. Since the CL-Class which this Concept S-Class Coupé replaces is essentially a S-Class less two doors (which is further evidenced by the new moniker). Therefore we fully expect this new coupe to wear all the jewelry that is presently on its four-door brother.

Again, as you can see. This thing is a beauty. It is much more organic in its flows and clearly shows a further evolution of a design direction which to me started with the new SL and even more so on the CLA. I personally like it.

The flowing, organic lines of the exterior are carried over into the interior. The cabin is very similar to the ultra-high end S-Class. This however seems to take it to the next level of luxury but rather than tailored to the pampering of the rear passengers, this pulls all the luxuries up front. I understand this is a concept so they can do things that may not make it to production. However, they should be able to replicate this. Particularly at the expected price level of this motor car.

I’m still not a big fan of the new dash or the steering wheel design, but I have to admit its growing on me. Slowly.

Take a look at the related gallery for some great views of this vehicle. We’ll be waiting for the production model to bow. Hopefully close in form and function to this concept. Well done Mercedes Benz.