The 2015 North American International Auto Show, or as we Midwesterners call it; The Detroit Auto Show is the premier auto show in North America. If it’s not Geneva, it’s Detroit where manufacturers put their best foot forward. Since this is the first auto show of the New Year, we are treated to the majority of new releases.

This years offering had plenty of new models. It wasn’t as much of a “green-fest” like we’ve seen in recent years. Though it seems each manufacturer had their own approach to becoming less dependent on fossil fuels. Most had some sort of hybrid or diesel product in their lineup.

The other great trend we’ve seen is the use of smaller displacement or less cylinders to produce the same or more power than the larger, thirstier power plant it replaces.

Then there are the designs. This is what most come to the show for. We want to be wowed by something new and fantastic. Show us something we simply must have. Never mind that mere mortals may not be able to afford it. We need something to dream about. Something for kids (of all ages) to put up on their wall so they can look at it constantly.

Normally this task is assigned to the concept cars that are typical at such shows. For the past few years, the concepts have become less and less futuristic and “out there”. Mainly because these days once you see the concept, it’s generally what will shortly become the actual production model.

Well this year there was one vehicle that in my opinion stole the show. Never mind that Acura had shown their NSX concept years ago and finally was going to reveal the actual production model. They did. It was great. But it was up staged and regulated to a “non-event” because of one reveal that occurred earlier.

The Ford GT

I guess the reveal was somewhat, but not totally unexpected. What WAS unexpected was just how good this car looks.

It’s true what they say about first impressions being lasting impressions. The first impression was (pardon) “impressive”. This is now amongst the best looking super cars that are available on the market. The likes of Ferrari and others will have to look over their shoulders for their curb appeal credits once this GT hits the street.

Aside from a wonderful shade of blue showcased on the Ford vehicles, this Ford GT utilizes some of the most advanced techniques for airflow, weight reduction and efficiency. I love how Ford has adapted the use of airflow around the bodywork especially the canopy. First noticed by me on the Ferrari 599, the air is channeled around the body to help reduce drag and increase down force.


The power plant is a V6 and not a V8. While this may sound like a step down, it is similar to the trends seen everywhere. Why have a larger displacement engine if you can have more power, more torque, more efficiency in the form of smaller more technologically advanced power unit. This new Ford GT will have a 3.5 liter V6 EcoBoost engine with twin turbochargers. This represents the most powerful EcoBoost engine Ford has ever produced at “more than 600 horsepower”.

There are no specific information on pricing for this new supercar. However, I would not be surprised to see it approaching if not exceeding the $200K mark. It should be priced among the other exotic supercars it competes with.

The thing I really like about this car is though it is a “supercar” designed to compete with Ferrari, etc., it is clearly American. It looks American and there though it is radically different from the previous version, it is obviously a Ford. That’s not a bad thing.

Well-done Ford. In my humble opinion, your new Ford GT takes the Best in Show award.