Its no secret that the classic and evolving Porsche 911 has remained as one of the most de facto standard of a true sports car over the past few decades. So much so that occasionally there are contenders for market share or performance specifications. They have not changed their formula but who can blame them. It works.Some of the competitors have included entries from the likes of Aston Martin Vantage, BMW Z4, maybe even a late model Corvette. Over the past year or so, there has finally been some credible competition from the Jaguar F-Type in size, performance, appeal and scope. Well now, both the Jaguar F-Type and Porsche 911 should start looking over their shoulders. Enter the AMG GT!

As the third vehicle developed solely from AMG behind the McLaren SLR, and the wonderful gullwing AMG SLS, we now have a smaller and more appealing AMG GT. We say solely because this is not an adaptation of a current Mercedes Benz model into the AMG level of performance. It is all AMG from the ground up. AMG Bred and developed for performance.

As usual we’ll save the fine details of specifications to others or for the footnotes, but let’s talk a bit about my initial impressions of the car.

I have to tell you right off the bat that I like it. I like it a lot! The car is visibly smaller than the outgoing AMG SLS. It does however carry over the traditional long hood and short rear end.

Initially I was wondering about the design of all of the new Mercedes lines. We’ve been told the European Union pedestrian AMG GT headlightimpact requirements have had a direct impression (pardon the pun) on the design of many vehicles. The looks of the front of the R231 SL didn’t appeal to me as much as the 2012 models. But upon physically seeing it in person, I really appreciate it. This new AMG GT is along the same line and it looks great.

My initial impression of the rear end was that they were mimicking a 911. However when I looked at the balance of the AMG offerings and their design language, it’s clear that it’s a Benz trait and not an imitation. Of course we can’t wait to see this vehicle in the flesh, but we can say from what we’ve seen of the rolling footage it looks great.

The traditionally hand built AMG power unit automatically mean it has have power and torque like nobody’s business. Being rather light, it will be quick out of the hole of course. Actual tests will judge its road and track manners.

So in summary we know the car looks like a winner. The interior is world class. It’s properly sized to compete AND it’s an AMG so we know it’s well built. A special note here on something we’ve noticed that AMG does perhaps better than anyone else. But to me the best thing I’ve noticed is not a surprise considering its maker. It sounds TERRIFIC. All performance cars (in my opinion) should have their own signature sound. Thankfully, you know an AMG model by the sound alone. Keep it up AMG.

Time will tell how this new AMG GT performs on the road as well as in the market against its competitors. But AMG is all about power. Because of this we know it won’t disappoint.

Stay tuned for more media coverage of this new AMG. In the meantime, we’ve included some official information on the specifics of this fine automobile.

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