The new Audi A7 Sportback: The sporty face of the full-size class

Once again I have to admit my own bias toward a vehicle or it’s styling. To be transparent and under full disclosure, the first sports sedan I ever owned was the old Audi 5000. I loved this car. It spoiled me on what a true sports sedan was supposed to be about.

That being said, the 2017 and past Audi A7 had a design flaw that kept me from considering it over other competitors. The vehicle carried the Audi design language successfully but the rear end just seemed out of place for a vehicle that size. To my eyes it was like they were making a larger car then at the last minute decided they needed to cut it short…ABRUPTLY in the rear. I never understood or liked it.

Enter the 2018 Audi A7 Sportback. Light years better than the outgoing model.

I always liked the full blown Audi A8 with its softer rear end. It just looked more luxurious and cohesive with the front end and overall in total. Now with the new A7 being absolutely beautiful, it’s a toss up as to which one I’d get. Especially since this new A7 contains some eye-popping tech features of it’s own just as we thought the A8 had everything.

So this new A7 has the more chiseled Audi front ends which sports a grill that is tasteful and not as large as in previous design directions. I like it. It’s more modern and “techy” if that’s a word. This “techy-ness” (again, if that is a word as well) is carried from the new lighting features, design and effects both front and rear. These new lighting packages absolutely put on a show for you. Wonderful.

In these recent years Audi has been designing some of the best interiors available. These interiors are “modern” but not to the point of being too linear and cold. They have stepped their game up to match or exceed other competitors in this department. The interior electronics are above the competition. Nothing else needs to be said there, you need to see it. 

Like most men, I am a “visual” being. This Audi A7 was beautiful and striking as soon as I saw it. Keep up the good work Audi!




The new Audi A7 Sportback: Sporty face of Audi in the luxury class

The A7 Sportback represents the new Audi design language to a great extent and delivers on the design promise made by the prologue studies. The four-door coupe sets standards in the luxury class when it comes to progressiveness. It embodies a new style of Gran Turismo, with dynamic lines, systematic digitalization, a sporty driving experience and a versatile space concept.