Detroit, Michigan

I just love this time of year! Here in my home town of Detroit, we typically have some sort of snow and cold weather event at the start of the annual Auto Show.  This year however we were treated to the “Polar Vortex” a week early!

But we Michiganders and other’s from the northern climates are used to it by this time of year so we just get after doing what we do this time of year.  That being attending the Auto Show!

So stay tuned for updates from the show.  We’ll present our views on some of the vehicles that are presented. Along with our media friends from other outlets, we will post information as soon as possible.

Though our business model is to present information that is important to the daily driving pubic and how it affect them; we can’t forget about our true love for the industry and ALL of its offering.  Besides, who said we can’t drive a Bentley or a Corvette to work every day?