$#@*!!! Wait, What?

Zero to 60 mph 1.9 seconds (fastest of ANY production vehicle)

Zero to 100 mph – 4.2 seconds (fastest of ANY production vehicle)

Standing ¼ mile – 8.8 seconds (fastest of ANY production vehicle)

Top speed – 250 mph (faster than all but maybe two production vehicles)

Range – 620 miles (by far further than any similarly powered production vehicle)

Tesla pulled a fast one on us during the reveal of the new Tesla Over the Road Semi Truck. They sprung the 2020 Tesla Roadster on us.

Elon Musk and Tesla is known for pushing the envelope in his declarations as well as expanding our sense of what can be done. Well this time it appears Tesla has moved the benchmark so far into the distance that as far as sports cars (or even electric vehicles) go that all other sports cars, exotic or otherwise just lost their bragging rights.


True, we’re not really that close to a 2020 model so what we see is the current plan. We expect some but very few things to change about the appearance inside and out. But I must say, this Roadster looks great. It’s a modern evolution of the original Roadster. What we don’t expect to change are the specs.

With this reveal and the soul shattering feats this model will achieve, competitors in the sports/exotic car market have been put on notice. They only have a couple of years to raise their performance game. I’m not entirely sure how they’re going to do it as these numbers can only be reached with full electric power units. It appears even with the expected price of $200K or so, this Roadster trumps anything competitors can offer performance wise. So it appears they will have to rely on the heritage and tradition game.

While we don’t expect this Roadster to have all the high-end luxury appointments as some of its more costly competition. Nor will it have the lineage of some. But even with the expected $250K early Founder’s Series pricing, this remains quite a bargain performance-wise to the market.


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