Aston Martin released a couple of peeks of the newly redesigned Vantage in advance of next month’s potential official reveal. Though the photos shown are only a moderate view of the shape, it provides a pretty good hint of the lighting arrays.

It’s quite obvious from these images that the front end lighting is similar to the new family design exhibited on the current DB11 models. The rear lighting however are much more interesting as they show a full width rear lamp with a raised center portion.

Upon the full reveal we’ll see how this is integrated into the styling. We’ll also find out if this is now a functional design element for the rear end. Recently we’ve become accustomed to designers moving away from fixed spoilers and using the body itself to provide a more visually appealing method of providing down-force.





We’re anxiously awaiting the next step in Aston Martin’s collaboration with AMG. Hopefully we’ll hear the full details soon.